LittleLaw Looks at… Misinformation and the Covid-19 Vaccine

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began in December 2019 information about the virus has spread online at an unprecedented rate. However, not all of it has been reliable. The WHO believes we are in the middle of an “infodemic” which it defines as “an abundance of information, some accurate and some not, occurring during an epidemic.1 With such a vast volume of information available it is hard to distinguish between facts and outright misinformation. There are now widespread concerns that the prevalence of misinformation will dissuade people from receiving the recently approved Pfizer vaccine. The government is working with social media sites and considering fast tracking digital media laws to clamp down on harmful misinformation. The not-so-new skill being deployed is Emotional Intelligence (or “EI”), the ethos of the new lawyer is O Shaped... and the power of this combination is undeniable.