Will law firms still take me if I re-sit exams?

April 12, 2022


2 min read

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There are many variables when it comes to how law firms view re-sitting exams. These variables include the reasons for the re-sits, what qualification it is for, the grade difference, and any mitigating circumstances. For instance, someone re-sitting their A-levels to increase their grades to get into a particular university, with mitigating circumstances, will be looked at very differently to someone re-sitting an LPC module because they just couldn’t pass it on the first attempt.

However, for law firm applications, re-sits alone should not significantly impact how your application would be reviewed, especially if you have mitigating circumstances. Of course, grades can be concerning at first glance, but that will be less of an issue where mitigating circumstances are claimed.

So, a way to maximise your chances in a law firm application is to answer all questions about re-sits honestly and list all re-sits you have had to do. Then, to help your application, you could make full use of the mitigating circumstances section of the application form to highlight any reasons for being unable to achieve the grades you wanted during the initial exam. Without explaining the reasoning behind re-sits, there is a significant risk that firms will question your interest in law or your ability to study law. This will be a considerable concern for any firm that may sponsor your LPC.

When it comes to mitigating circumstances, how much a law firm will consider them will depend on the strength of the rest of your academics. For example, if one year’s grades are clearly an unexpected, minor, or temporary deviation from a general trend, it should be more evident that this is a rarity and that the firm should look beyond that year. Also, you may want to line up an academic referee who can verify your mitigating circumstances or provide any input into how you may have performed if the circumstances hadn’t happened.

In short, retaking an exam alone will not jeopardise your chances of success in applications, especially if you still meet the firm’s minimum grade requirements.

Report written by Goodness Asaolu

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