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March 31, 2022


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An intro to the firm

Clyde & Co is a leading global law firm that operates in nine offices in the UK and 53 offices internationally, in areas such as Latin America, Africa, US and the Middle East. As the firm continues to expand, over 40 trainees are recruited per year in UK offices. Clyde & Co prides itself on being a full-service firm in core sectors of transport, energy, infrastructure, trade and commodities and the insurance that facilitates the operation of these sectors.  The firm, over the last three years, has consistently won awards in its offices in Germany and France for Insurance Firm of the Year. The firm operates at the cutting edge of the law, as it specialises in fields that power our connected world. Clyde & Co can be described as market-leading, innovative and expanding.

Its key strengths

The firm is known for its strength in the insurance sector. It is ranked Band 1 for Insurance Contentious Claims & Reinsurance. In 2021 Clyde & Co saw its 23rd consecutive year of growth in this sector, with profits increasing by 7% and revenue rising to £640 million. Its clients include ED&F Man Capital Markets (a global financial brokerage and trading business), where as recently as February 2022, Clyde & Co secured a judgment for US $382 million for a fraudulent repurchase-agreement transaction.

Another strength is its aviation practice, which is also ranked Band 1. One trainee has remarked that if there are any major issues with a plane somewhere in the world, “you can guarantee Clyde & Co are acting for the insurer of the aircraft”.

The firm has a large professional indemnity group which complements its insurance practice, with a focus on legal professionals and the relevant regulatory issues. These claims are reputationally sensitive and the expertise at Clyde & Co allows it to navigate these cases with perspective and diligence. In this area, the firm has acted in a complex negligence claim valued at €60 million for a Magic Circle law firm.

Clyde & Co also has one of the largest dispute resolution practices in the UK and has become known for its international arbitration practice.

Training, training, training...

The training at Clyde & Co is supportive, driven and inclusive.

Firstly, the firm places a focus on professional and social development. It values its open-door policy and implements weekly socials and catch-up sessions with supervisors. There is also a very high sense of camaraderie between trainees that helps to create this supportive environment.

Secondly, the culture at Clyde & Co creates opportunities for trainees to be at the forefront of change and to do work that they are passionate about. For example, the Climate Change Group, which is trainee led, is focused on pro bono work and contributing to reducing the impact of climate change within a commercial atmosphere. This is a prime example of Clyde & Co being at the cutting edge of what it does and creating a supportive environment to enable trainees to pursue their own projects. In this way, Clyde & Co provides an opportunity for trainees to shape their training contract, producing driven and fulfilled lawyers.

Thirdly, Clyde & Co is committed to diversity and inclusion. The firm has recently launched the “Clyde & Co Academy” which is a mentorship scheme for ethnically diverse students. As a global law firm, the firm prides itself on having a diverse client base and recognises the need for this to be mirrored in its lawyers. This provides trainees with opportunities to explore multicultural approaches to commerce with the added benefit of international secondments in places such as Hong Kong and Dubai.

Clyde & Co is a growing law firm at the forefront of change in international commerce. Training here will allow you to rub elbows with the movers and shakers. Clyde & Co is a great choice for anyone who is progressive, intellectually curious and eager to promote change.

Report written by Kerianne Pinney

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