How to succeed at group exercises at assessment centres

December 19, 2021


2 min read

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Whether you enjoy them or not, group exercises are key to succeeding at an assessment centre. Recruiters typically use group work exercises as a means to assess candidates within a team setting. These exercises can range from a discussion-based exercise, to a role play exercise, or to a practical exercise. Regardless, they are notoriously hard to prepare for as you will never know what to expect! Nevertheless, there is no need to worry.

Here are 5 top tips on how to prepare and successfully perform at group exercises at assessment centres:

TIP 1: Know the firm

Prior to partaking in the group exercise, it is fundamental that you know the firm’s core business. This can successfully direct you towards the practice area you might want to touch on during the group exercise. Although it is difficult to prepare for group exercises in advance, knowing the firm and its values will enable you to approach the task more succinctly. This will help you focus on displaying your personal attributes that align with what the company envisions in its employees.

TIP 2: Understand the task

Ensure that both you and your fellow team mates understand the task at hand. This is crucial as it will allow you to contribute effectively, encourage group participation and manage your time effectively. Set aside five to ten minutes to process the information given to you and suggest that each team member quickly summarises their understanding prior to proceeding with the task.

TIP 3: Time management

It is important to either suggest to be the timekeeper or to ask whether anyone else would like to take on the role at the start of the task. Breaking down the total allocated time will ensure that you are able to fulfil the overall objective of the task. Ensure that everyone is on task and even if you do not finish everything within your allotted time, you continue to work towards the overall objective.

TIP 4: Communicate effectively

Communication is key. It is important that you consistently demonstrate that you are actively listening to your team members. Be sure to digest what they are saying and reciprocate to the suggestions made. When contributing your ideas, ensure that you speak clearly and confidently. Moreover, It is important to build upon existing ideas brought up by other members to demonstrate that you are actively listening. Although introducing original ideas is good, bear in mind that you are there to help the whole team work.

TIP 5: Encourage collaboration

In order to ensure effective collaboration, it is useful to introduce yourself to everyone at the start to create an open atmosphere. Firms will be looking for future employees who are able to manage and encourage a positive team dynamic. It is crucial to include everyone, and to encourage quieter members of the group for their input. Ensure that everyone has the chance to speak and to take the majority’s input when making decisions. 

Overall, to succeed you need to be confident in yourself, encourage teamwork and ensure everyone stays on time! Best of luck with your applications!

Report written by Sofia Antipatis

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