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October 18, 2021

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An intro to the firm

Irwin Mitchell was originally founded in 1912 in Sheffield. Since then, the firm has scaled up to 15 offices across the UK making Irwin Mitchell the largest full-service law firm in the UK. Consequently, Irwin Mitchell takes on 50 trainees across 11 of its offices, and uniquely, allows them to either seek qualification within their Business Legal Services stream or Personal Legal Services stream. Traditionally, the firm is known as the leading personal injury and medical negligence practice in the UK. Nevertheless, it also prides itself as a top-tier firm in litigation which offers a wide range of commercial services and expertise across various sectors. Irwin Mitchell is innovative, future focused and open-minded.

Its key strengths

Irwin Mitchell’s medical negligence and personal injury services are renowned across England and Wales, as the firm has successfully supported thousands of families whose lives have unexpectedly gone wrong. The firm consistently ranks within band 1 across the nation for these sectors. Within London, the firm deals with highly complex cases such as infant brain damage and adult neurological injuries. Outside of London, the firm also handles matters of spinal and brain injury cases, mental health issues and amputation cases to name a few! Therefore, one of Irwin Mitchell’s strengths lies with its ability to support individuals whilst providing an expert hand with a human touch. 

Beyond the personal side of law, Irwin Mitchell offers outstanding expertise through its litigation services. Specifically, its business structure allows Irwin Mitchell’s litigation teams to lend its services to any needs a business may require regardless of the sector. Irwin Mitchell’s litigation clients include Bank of America, Lloyds Banking Group, Bank of Ireland, RBS Natwest and many more. The Lawyer Magazine named Irwin Mitchell as the third most active litigation firm in the UK, and it has consistently been acknowledged as a Leading Firm by Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners over the last few years. 

Moreover, Irwin Mitchell truly shines through its ability to cater to its client’s needs no matter the situation. On the one hand, this is reflected in their role as a full-service law firm which offers services ranging from commercial law, to media and sports law, and to education. On the other hand, it benefits from an unwavering reputation which sees the firm consistently prioritise focusing on supporting its colleagues, clients and communities. Consequently, Irwin Mitchell benefits from an excellent reputation which sees Chambers call it a firm which ‘stands out from the crowd’.

Training, training, training...

As for Irwin Mitchell’s training, it is hands-on, open-minded and down-to-earth. 

First, Irwin Mitchell’s training is said to be hands-on and partner led. This is primarily due to the firm taking on 50 trainees across 11 offices, therefore allowing a small intake in each office (approx 3-6 trainees per office). This allows for trainees to be put into the deep end, and be given a lot of responsibility from day 1. Trainees can either streamline themselves into the Business Legal Service route or the Personal Legal Services route. However, they have the opportunity to sit a seat in the opposite streamline to gain experience in an area of law they traditionally would not have. Irwin Mitchell advocates a training approach which values trainees experiencing both business facing and client facing experiences. 

Second, Irwin Mitchell is extremely open-minded and committed to supporting its colleagues, clients and communities through its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The firm is committed to the Charters of Mindful Business, Mindful Employer, and Suicide Prevention, which indicates that it is supportive of the mental challenges associated with the profession. Likewise, the firm encourages its trainees to engage in community volunteering activities such as pro bono work through the Irwin Mitchell Charities Foundation. Additionally, the firm has repeatedly been recognised for being diverse and inclusive. Irwin Mitchell was recently named as one of the most inclusive employers in the United Kingdom by Stonewall, and was recognised by Great Place to Work as a top 10 Super Large Organisation for Best Workplaces for Women in 2021. 

Third, Irwin Mitchell is down-to-earth in that the firm realises the importance of having a work/life balance. This may be the best part of training with Irwin Mitchell as the firm prides itself on letting its trainees leave before 6pm on most days. Hence, it is no surprise that in combination with a work/life balance, a great support system and a wide range of seats, Irwin Mitchell is ranked as number one in the industry as a Great Place to Work!

Report written by Sofia Antipatis

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