A Commercial Awareness Morning Routine

September 28, 2021


3 min read

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Being commercially aware is key to succeeding in any job in law or business, particularly in vacation scheme or training contract applications! Firms want to ensure applicants have both a sound grounding in commercial issues and an understanding of how they impact the legal market. For more information on what commercial awareness actually means and how you can demonstrate it, check out this LittleLaw report.

Whilst commercial awareness might seem like a mythical area to tackle, taking simple steps every day to keep up to date with business news can get you thinking like a lawyer in no time! Adopting an easy and quick morning routine is a great way to incorporate commercial awareness practice into your daily schedule. The following recommendations should help you develop your commercial awareness to succeed in interviews and applications.


There are so many great news and commercially focused podcasts out there it can be daunting to choose one, so here are some fan-favourites:

  1. The FT News Briefing – daily news update

 At only 8-10 minutes per episode, the FT daily news briefing is perfect for a quick breakfast or morning walk. Each episode covers 2-3 breaking stories and goes into the key details of each. This podcast is a great starting point for an overview of the day’s top stories.

  1. Today in Focus – social and political issues

When developing your commercial awareness, it is also important to think about how wider social and political issues may impact a firm’s practice. Today in Focus offers an in-depth analysis of one topical issue each day.

  1. Law firm Podcasts – sector-specific insights

Many firms now produce their own podcasts with episodes focusing on the latest deals and key practice areas. These are a great way to introduce yourself to new areas of law through a firm-specific lens. Some great ones include:

News Sites

Keeping a track of news stories over a period of time is a great way to show off your in-depth knowledge and interest in a particular area. Try taking notes to log key updates and track a story as it develops.

  1. The Financial Times / The Economist

Your university is likely to have a subscription to these sites, so be sure to subscribe. The FT has lots of specialised newsletters which you can get sent to your inbox every morning.

  1. The Law Society Gazette

This publication from the Law Society covers all the most important ongoing legal issues facing solicitors and firms. If you are asked to discuss a legal case, either on an application form or at an interview, their website has great comment pieces on hundreds of cases.

Social Media

Following breaking news and commercial developments on social media is another super quick way to improve your commercial awareness. 

Consider setting up a law specific Instagram or Twitter account and only follow news sites, law firms and legal professionals. This way you can keep up to date with key news stories without getting distracted!


Saving the best until last! 

LittleLaw’s reports cover all the key news stories and, most importantly, we tell you why that story is important from a legal or commercial angle. And with an average read time of 3 minutes per report, it’s the perfect habit to add to your commercial awareness morning routine! Be sure to visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest business and legal news.

Report written by Amber Allen

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