What’s in the bag of a law student?

September 14, 2021


2 min read

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What's going on here?

Whether it’s for a day of motivating yourself through online lectures at home or a day out to the library, here are some essential items for the law student’s bag to get you through that nasty chapter in your Trusts textbook.

What are the essentials?

Firstly and most obviously, a laptop is a necessity for any student, especially with lectures now being delivered virtually. Remembering to bring your charger is also a great idea. For those of us who get headaches staring at a screen all day and should really be wearing reading glasses, a good move would be to pick up a pair. Snacks and plenty of water are also absolute essentials for the bag of any student. A daily planner setting out what you would like to achieve that day is another useful item to keep in your bag. For music and podcast lovers, headphones are also a must to survive a day at the library. With the regulations making it mandatory to wear a mask in university study spaces, you should always keep a few spare masks in your bag to ensure you don’t forget.

Why are these items important?

Having your laptop and charger in your bag is so important, especially if you are having a particularly productive day at the library so you don’t need to rush home because of a low battery. Another way to have a more productive day for those who need glasses is to wear them, especially when staring at a screen all day, as they can prevent headaches and help with concentration. Remembering to drink enough water is so important when studying. If you become dehydrated, you will start to feel sluggish and potentially even develop a headache. It is also vital to make sure you have plenty of food with you; trying to concentrate with a growling stomach never ends well. Whether you use snacks as a motivator to get through a certain amount of pages of reading or purely to give yourself a little break, it can help you push through the afternoon fatigue and give you the boost you need to finish off that last piece of work. Using a planner with a to-do list for each day is such an effective way to help manage your time and to keep yourself accountable, especially with the freedom that online learning brings. It also provides great satisfaction when you can tick off your list at the end of the day. Finally, a great playlist can make all the difference to your mood and help you to find that extra motivation to finish your work. So with exam season in full swing, good luck everyone and once exams are over, swap out that laptop for a bottle of prosecco!

Report written by Imogen Wilson

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