The door is wide open: Future of Hinge’s growth post-pandemic

April 28, 2021

2 min read

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What's going on here?

Dating app Hinge has had a successful 2020, with its revenues tripling when compared with those in 2019. Hinge CEO, Justin McLeod, is very hopeful that there will be continued growth this summer, even as we gradually exit lockdown with more opportunities for people to meet without the help of an app.

What does this mean?

Although the pandemic put a stop to the traditional ways of meeting someone, such as meeting at a pub or in the office, it has been a whole other story for the online dating world. Pre-pandemic, Hinge had been growing in popularity as an alternative to the more established dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. When compared to its competition in 2020, Hinge has had a far more successful year with global downloads rocketing by 63%. The app also saw an increase in the number of users making use of the video date function, with almost half of its users experiencing a video date. The app has been able to use the pandemic to its advantage with more people struggling to meet someone new turning to online dating and Hinge in particular, but it has not been completely smooth sailing. The lockdown restrictions and the colder weather in the past few months did slightly negatively impact its growth rate. However, Hinge is hoping to capitalise on the easing of lockdown by offering £15,000 in vouchers to encourage singles who are using its app to get back out there and date in person again which should lead to an increase in their downloads. 

What's the big picture effect?

The stay at home measures and lockdown restrictions that limited our social contact have taken their toll on everyone, especially those who went through lockdown alone. This has meant that people who previously would have resisted resorting to a dating app have been swayed to try it for the first time during the pandemic, boosting Hinge’s user numbers. According to McLeod, there is also an increased urgency among at least a third of Hinge users to settle down and find a long-term partner which he believes is driven by the loneliness felt by so many during lockdown. However, with pubs and bars opening up, providing people with opportunities to meet new people face to face again, online dating apps could be facing a slump in downloads and growth. In spite of this, it is thought that video dates will survive beyond lockdown with users still keen to speak to their dates virtually before meeting up. Plus, McLeod is expecting there to be another spike in activity coming into the warmer months with more people seeking out a long-term relationship with restrictions being eased. This desire to find a longer-lasting relationship using the app works in its favour after all as Hinge is marketed as the “dating app designed to be deleted”. With more people on the lookout for a relationship, this may mean that more users are willing to pay to upgrade their account to “Hinge Preferred” to increase their chances of finding love which again can only be good news for Hinge. 

Report written by Imogen Wilson

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