Vital “Legal Stories”: Regional law firm supports aspiring lawyers despite the pandemic

March 9, 2021

2 min read

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What's going on here?

SKB Law, a family law firm, has created an online interview series connecting law students with leading legal professionals.

What does this mean?

Work experience is often perceived as the key to a legal career and without such opportunities, you are destined to fail. Since many law firms cancelled internships due to the pandemic, some aspiring lawyers may begin to worry about their future career. SKB Law is here to help!

The family law firm based in Bradford and London have created “Legal Stories”, an online interview series. Concerned about opportunities for aspiring lawyers, the law firm developed this initiative to support students with their legal career despite COVID-19. 

The YouTube series involves university students interviewing a range of legal professionals from a Circuit Judge to an Armed Forces lawyer. Through seven episodes, “Legal Stories” offers a great insight into the legal industry. The interviewees provide an honest and passionate account of their career as well as invaluable advice for all who wish to enter the legal profession. SKB Law’s “Legal Stories” also debunks the myth of the legal industry being inaccessible as those interviewed are from all walks of life.

What's the big picture effect?

One important message to take from this initiative is that even during a pandemic you can further your career. Although no in-person opportunities are taking place, be proactive as you can virtually learn about the legal industry!

The interview series highlights the power of networking. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a lawyer and Member of the House of Lords reminded viewers of how valuable it is to grow your network. It is important to remember that even during COVID-19 aspiring lawyers can connect with others, just virtually! Baroness Warsi also advised having the courage to change careers. As a lawyer, politician and businesswoman she wisely suggests it is important to have an endpoint in the opportunities you start.

Now society is even more virtual than ever before, the world truly is your oyster. CEO and co-founder of Clio, a leading legal case management software, Jack Newton has embraced the way technology has transformed the legal industry and suggests you should too! Instead of viewing the pandemic as something that has halted your career, Jack advises you should see it as a “disruptive opportunity”!  

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If you are professional or student who would like to take part in a future series, click here

Report written by Henry Bee in partnership with SKB Law

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