Virtual Ingenuity: Aria Grace Law

April 23, 2020

4 min read

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What is Aria Grace Law?

Aria Grace Law is an award-winning virtual corporate law firm founded in 2017 by Lindsay Healy. He was inspired by his two young daughters to create a law firm like no other: one that provides equality, diversity, equal pay and equal profit share for all of its lawyers, while at the same time providing City law firm standards of excellence.

The firm follows what it calls the Aria Grace Law Model which provides lawyers with flexibility and equality and offers clients access to legal excellence at a competitive value. Lawyers at Aria Grace Law have worked for City and global law firms (such as Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance and Slaughter & May) or elite in-house legal departments. They decided to join Aria Grace Law because of its unique model, core values and approach to life. Clients support this model and appreciate the firm’s low overheads – the savings that the firm makes on these are passed down as lower costs to the clients.

Aria Grace Law works with a range of clients from a variety of sectors and it has had tremendous growth since it was founded 3 years ago. The firm started with only Lindsay Healy and two clients (one of which it acted for on a pro-bono basis). Today, it has grown to over 25 lawyers serving an impressive list of corporate clients which includes the likes of Hometree (a leading UK boiler and heating company), Kafoodle (a FoodTech company), Smart Pension (an auto-enrolment pension scheme provider), Splend (a car-hire company), Validis (a FinTech company) and Axiom Law (a leading global legal service provider).

What makes it different from other firms?

Operating as a completely virtual law firm, Aria Grace Law champions the use of technology. The firm is also proud of the fact that this use of technology, and its structure, allows it to have an extremely low environmental impact. Being a virtual firm, this also means its lawyers can work absolutely anywhere, which encourages flexible and agile working and offers mental health benefits. These changes have helped its lawyers maintain a good work-life balance, especially for working parents. The firm currently has lawyers based in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and South Africa.

Aria Grace Law is also unique in the way that it pays its lawyers. Everyone in the firm is paid in the same way and receives an equal share of the profits. All lawyers retain an initial 90% of what they bill. After the firm pays its overheads, it gives 5% of the profits to its chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital. Whatever is left after the overheads are paid is distributed back to the lawyers. This is in complete contrast to the hierarchical structure in more traditional law firms. The Aria Grace Model is built to enable lawyers to receive as close to 100% of their billing as possible. Whilst many in the legal sector have advocated for equal pay, Aria Grace Law is making an immediate difference by using this pay structure. 

Although Aria Grace Law is still a new enterprise, it has a great reputation for its ethical model and legal advice as evidenced in its awards. The firm was awarded the Law Firm of the Year 2019 for Employment Law by Corporate LiveWire. It was also shortlisted for a Business Growth Award and Lindsay Healy was shortlisted for Managing Partner of the Year by Modern Law Awards 2020. Crispin Passmore (former consultant and Executive Director for the Solicitors Regulation Authority) has also recognised it as a disruptor law firm changing the way legal services are being provided. The firm has also been mentioned in the Law Gazette, Legal Futures and The Times.

What does the future look like for Aria Grace Law?

Aria Grace Law is a law firm like no other as it truly considers lawyers, clients and society within one ecosystem. It uses state-of-the-art technology, business optimisation, service-first delivery and has equality and diversity rooted in its DNA. Wealth is distributed fairly; lawyers are given equal consideration and clients are charged appropriately, so that they can access legal advice at key stages in their growth. The firm is rapidly growing with announcements of new joiners and positive client feedback posted on its website and via its online media channels.

Success for Aria Grace Law is where others replicate Aria Grace Law’s model, be it lawyers, bankers, accountants etc. The firm has demonstrated that it is possible to be profitable, excel in its work, and share wealth. The firm has chosen to sponsor LittleLaw because it truly cares about the future generation and wants it to know that there is an increasing number of ethical businesses in the world, including that in the legal sector.

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Report written by Maab Saifeldin

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