Protect Your Health, Protect Your Business: Hogan Lovells launches COVID-19 hub for its clients

April 2, 2020

2 min read

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What's going on here?

Hogan Lovells has opened a “COVID-19 hub” to advise businesses on any potential issues in relation to COVID-19.

What does this mean?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused various sectors such as aviation, tourism, and events to take a serious economic hit. There is also broad macroeconomic contraction from the lockdown measures in place in many countries, which has resulted in minimal economic activity. 

In response to the impact COVID-19 might have on its clients, Hogan Lovells has released a slew of initiatives to provide straightforward answers to any legal questions. These include an online quiz on crisis-preparedness; webinars; an app; and checklists.

What's the big picture effect?

Beyond the broad economic slowdown, businesses are having to contend with the legal impact of the pandemic on their operations. Law firms will have to help clients negotiate any changes in their legal positions. Do businesses continue to owe their clients and other commercial parties contractual obligations in the event of an unprecedented situation like this? Can businesses renegotiate the terms of their agreements with their customers? Would it be possible for an employee’s contract to be terminated in such short notice? Often, these commercial contracts would have “force majeure” clauses which allocate liability in the event of circumstances which make it physically impossible for parties to perform their contractual obligations. 

Why then has Hogan Lovells opened a “COVID-19 hub” if such work is complex and billable? One of the strengths of Hogan Lovells is its regulatory expertise. Its Brexit taskforce, created to respond to client uncertainty about the implications of Brexit, was ranked Band 1 by the Legal 500. Checklists which allow clients to obtain quick answers to straightforward legal questions also help to relay any concerns clients may have about the value provided by law firms. The bottom line is that law firms have to be proactive in tackling any legal issues which may affect their clients’ businesses, including global pandemics.

Report written by Henry Tan

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