Growth Continues: Dentons plants seeds in Argentina and Uruguay

October 12, 2019

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What's going on here?

Dentons (the world’s largest law firm by headcount) has merged with leading law firms in Argentina and Uruguay.

What does this mean?

Dentons has had a busy summer of mergers. The firm announced earlier this month that it would absorb Rattagan Macchiavello Arocena in Buenos Aires, as well as Jiménez de Aréchaga and Viana & Brause in Montevideo. Dentons’ chair, Joe Andrew, announced that the move would make Dentons “the first truly pan-Latin American and Caribbean firm in the history of the legal profession”. In Argentina, the firm plans on focusing on mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and environmental work, however, Jorge Alers, the Latin America and the Caribbean chief executive believes that Dentons’ global platform will allow the offices to expand swiftly into new areas and practices.

What's the big picture effect?

Dentons’ mergers with leading law firms in Argentina and Uruguay has helped consolidate their presence as a leading global law firm in Latin America. Their expansion into the Latin American region has been rapid seeing as they only opened their first office in the region in May 2016. Now Dentons has over 23 offices in the region, including key offices in Peru, Columbia, and Venezuela, as well as a strategic alliance in Brazil.

So what do these new acquisitions in Argentina and Uruguay mean for Dentons? After just a year of operation, Dentons’ practice in Chile has doubled in size to a team of about 60 lawyers. We are therefore likely to see the same pattern follow suit in Dentons’ offices in Argentina and Uruguay. According to Dentons, their decision to expand into Argentina and Uruguay was client-driven as clients have labelled these markets as priorities. By opening offices in Argentina and Uruguay Dentons thus hopes to strengthen their quality of legal and business solutions in these markets by gaining talent from a combination of partners within the Latin American region and legal expertise across the globe.

Since Dentons’ entry into Latin America in 2016, they have become the fastest-growing global law firm in the region. However, they are not alone in their venture to take on Latin American markets as other global firms have also been opening offices across the continent. Thus, Dentons needs to prepare for stiff competition in the region.

Report written by Lina Jeffcock

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