On the Same “Wavelength”– Simmons & Simmons acquires legal engineering firm

August 12, 2019

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What's going on here?

International firm Simmons & Simmons have announced the acquisition of Wavelength, the first regulated legal engineering firm in the world.

What does this mean?

Legal engineering is a combination of legal design and software engineering, using technology, data, legal analytics and design thinking methods to solve problems within the legal profession. 

Wavelength specialises in delivering solutions using artificial intelligence and automation to redesign processes to improve efficiency, consistency and help control risk. 

In joining Simmons & Simmons, Wavelength will introduce new services and solutions for clients worldwide by utilising its diverse range of legal, data, design and engineering skills. The Wavelength team is led by co-founders Peter Lee (CEO) and Drew Winlaw (COO and Chief Legal Engineer) and will operate from offices in London and Cambridge whilst establishing an international presence. 

Drew Winlaw (COO) said, “joining with Simmons & Simmons provides us with opportunities to serve an established client base, powered by the support and capital to help grow our team and meet the rising demand for legal engineering, legal operations and legal design services around the world”.

What's the big picture effect?

Simmons & Simmons’ acquisition of Wavelength continues the trend of championing legal engineering, following the recent acquisitions of start-up “Riverview Law” by EY and Thomson Reuter’s acquisition of collaboration platform “HighQ”. The collaboration means Simmons & Simmons is paving the way into the future of legal technology. 

Jeremy Hoyland, Managing Partner at Simmons & Simmons, commented, “this is an exciting opportunity for the firm and one that will give our clients a clear advantage. It demonstrates that we are serious about delivering smarter solutions for our clients and that we are driving change for the better in the legal market.”

Peter Lee (CEO) said, “the potential to deploy data science, technology and design to reimagine the delivery of legal services is huge. We are extremely proud that Wavelength has led the way with our outstanding legal engineering business. Simmons & Simmons has the reach and expertise to allow us to realise our ambitions to continue to grow our world class offering and to positively impact every legal professional business and member of society. We are proud of the business we have built and the team we have grown but now is the time to expand and open up new opportunities.” 

This news further highlights the growing importance of technology within the legal sector and may be the start of future collaborations between law firms and tech companies.

Report written by Erin Stockdale

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