Dublin in Size: Clyde & Co. announce intention to open an office in Dublin

June 26, 2019

2 min read

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What's going on here?

On May 13, Clyde & Co.’s insurance partner, Garrett Moore, announced the company’s intention to open a Dublin office.

What does this mean?

With a ten-year history of working in Ireland, Clyde & Co’s decision will not come as a huge surprise. According to Moore, the company’s only lawyer to be based in Dublin,  “we have reached a critical mass whereby we have a number of clients, so it makes sense to have a brick-and-mortar presence in Dublin.” He further clarified: “It also provides certainty from the perspective of Brexit”.

What's the big picture effect?

The trend clearly shows the field’s top players are shoring up their Irish interests in an attempt to ride the post-Brexit storm that seems increasingly inevitable as the days go by.

Last month saw Fieldfisher do exactly the same thing (albeit on a somewhat grander scale) via a merger with top 20 Irish firm, McDowell Purcell (see our article on that here). This move by Fieldfisher followed a long line of industry hard hitters (like DLA Piper, Lewis Silkin, and Simmons & Simmons) that have already beaten them to the drop.

May’s unavoidable resignation and her ultimate failure to secure any kind of negotiated deal seems to have heightened industry concern. Further, it has shown just how significant Ireland is becoming in the legal sphere as numerous English firms are beginning to establish Irish bases. This is intensified by the fact that Ireland may potentially be the only English-speaking common law jurisdiction that is fully integrated in the EU. 

Initially, with quite humble aspirations as presently Clyde & Co. only have one lawyer in Ireland, these transitions seem to represent only the tip of an ever-expanding iceberg as we witness the exponential rise of Dublin as a European legal epicentre of huge practical import.

Report written by Mark P

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