No Obstacle for Obelisk: CMS Team up with Obelisk to Improve Flexible Working

June 16, 2019

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What's going on here?

Obelisk announces a formal partnership with CMS offering flexible legal solutions for its clients and lawyers.

What does this mean?

Obelisk (a legal services provider) has become the go-to resource for legal teams that require flexible support. By partnering with CMS, Obelisk has opened up new opportunities for consultants who want to work flexibly, helping them deliver high-quality legal services to one of the largest firms in the world.

John Craske (CMS’s head of Innovation and Legal Operations) has said this is an “exciting opportunity for [the] businesses to work together to support clients and leverage our respective capabilities and strengths”. He claims the move will enable them to “deliver innovative solutions on a large variety of client needs and transactions, no matter the complexity or size”.

What's the big picture effect?

This new partnership is part of CMS’s plans to deliver ‘Mix’, which is a key strand of the firm’s global tech and innovation approach called ‘CMS by Design’. Mix focuses on the deployment of people, processes, technology and resources to meet clients’ legal, regulatory or commercial needs. Specifically, the partnership offers CMS access to Obelisk’s large talent pool which will help business projects by providing more flexibility. But it also allows lawyers from Obelisk to have access to CMS’s challenging assignments and fulfilling roles in a new environment while having control and flexibility over their own time.

This looks to be the perfect partnership as Obelisk and CMS share the same values, namely commitment to quality, flexibility and inclusion. The increased chances for Obelisk consultants to work at CMS means that they will be able to operate remotely, enabling them to work from home on certain days.

The legal profession is known for its rigid working environment and with more collaborations like this, maybe we can see more law firms adopting a flexible working environment. Dana Denis-Smith (CEO and Founder of Obelisk) said that, through this partnership, Obelisk can “continue to drive positive change in the legal profession, share thinking and best practice, and support consultants as they embrace new ways of operating that will allow them to flourish.”

This collaboration could be indicative of what the law firm of the future may look like.

Report written by Maab S

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