Revolutionising Recruitment: Rare Launched New ‘Vantage’ Platform

June 14, 2019

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What's going on here?

The graduate recruitment specialist Rare has launched a new online platform called Vantage to overcome barriers that prevent talented, diverse candidates from securing roles in the legal sector.

What does this mean?

Rare is an organisation that uses data-driven technology to help match talented candidates to jobs in law. Vantage is the organisation’s new recruitment platform which helps contextualise application data from each candidate. What this means is that a candidate’s academic achievements aren’t considered in a vacuum, without any background information. Instead, information on grades is joined with social mobility metrics to create a more level playing field when looking at applications.

The launch of Vantage was strongly supported by big players in the city. Rare partnered with 10 firms to launch the product (Linklaters, Baker McKenzie, Clifford Chance, Eversheds Sutherland, Herbert Smith Freehills, Hogan Lovells, Macfarlanes, Pinsent Masons, Slaughter and May, and Travers Smith). This demonstrates the value that firms place on Rare’s progressive approach to recruitment.

Why should law firms care?

The problem that Rare is battling is a simple one. Certain schools fail to produce any applicants to law firms even when its students achieve the requisite A-Level grades which the firms require. Rare’s studies have identified 100 “high-low schools.” These are schools in the UK where less than 3% of students who have achieved an A grade at A-Level apply to the legal profession. Both Rare and the partnering law firms have made a commitment to double the number of applications to top law firms from the UK’s 100 “high-low schools” within three years.

The use of contextualised applicant data has become more common in law firm recruitment. Rare is “helping people to be better and helping organisations to be smarter.” The recruitment specialist wants hiring companies to “look not just at someone’s achievements, but to look at the context in which those achievements were made”. Applicant contextualisation is a useful tool for law firms to get a more realistic understanding of a candidate’s abilities, beyond exam grades alone.

The innovation in Rare’s new product is also seen as an appealing trait for law firms. One of its partner firms, Linklaters has said that Vantage “marries two key priorities for Linklaters: innovation and attracting diverse talent.” Rare has developed its Contextual Recruitment System by using over 400,000 applications, and has built “one of the largest data sets of the social mobility status of top graduates in the UK”.

Ultimately, the cutting-edge technology, backed by major firms and supported by vast amounts of data seems like a winning formula to battle social immobility.

Report written by Idin Sabahipour

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