Progress: Women Making History at Ashurst

May 31, 2019


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What's going on here?

​Ashurst (a leading multinational law firm) has promoted 21 of its lawyers to Partner around the world in its latest round of promotions. From the cohort of lawyers, more than half of the group are women (precisely 11 women!) for the second year running. This means that Ashurst is on course to achieve its target – a 33% female partnership by 2022. ​

What does this mean?

With the promotions taking place across 9 offices, the scale of this decision will indeed be worldwide, causing a widespread impact on the standing of women in the legal profession. It also comes at a symbolic time as 2019 marks 100 years since women entered the legal profession in the UK. Ashurst Global Managing Partner Paul Jenkins commented that “the firm is delivering an impressive level of performance and this has enabled us to make a good number of promotions across our offices and practices.”

What's the big picture effect?

This will encourage other law firms, both in the City and across the UK, to have more female representation in senior positions in their offices. For example, after failing to meet its targets last year, Linklaters has increased its promotions adding 33 lawyers to partnership – 11 of which are women. This makes their overall partnership 20% female, which is a significant leap in the legal profession. Managing Partner Gideon Moore said that he “won’t be satisfied until it’s 50-50” indicating the target that senior people at the firm are setting. Several firms, including Linklaters, have introduced gender targets but with mixed success. It leaves us to question whether targets are the best way to fight this important battle.

What will be the future of law firm diversity? News like this seems positive.

Report written by Safa-Atiya A

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