Light the Fuse: Allen & Overy’s “Fuse” Tech Innovation Programme Enters its Third Wave of Expansion

May 13, 2019


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What's going on here?

Four new companies are set to join Fuse (Allen & Overy’s groundbreaking tech innovation platform) this month.

What does this mean?

Allen & Overy’s Fuse is making global waves and this month will see the third cohort of new members joining its ranks. Originally established in September 2017, Fuse represents a “tech innovation space where tech companies, Allen & Overy lawyers, technologists and their clients can collaborate to explore, develop and test legal, regulatory and deal-related solutions”. Essentially, it aims to act as a catalyst in creating LegalTech solutions to issues that arise in the modern day.

What's the big picture effect?

As technology improves, it creates opportunities for law firms to innovate to help address their clients’ needs. Law firms are trying to adapt and take advantage of tech to innovate and be better able to serve their clients. Fuse represents just one of Allen & Overy’s advanced delivery projects (alongside Aosphere and MarginMatrix) that openly embrace legal disruption. It targets three principle areas: LegalTech (supporting legal advice), RegTech (focussing on regulatory compliance) and DealTech (technology that transforms how companies transact and negotiate deals with one another).

In its third intake, A&O will see four new companies (Apiax, Define, HighQ and Scissero) join the Fuse family. These new companies provide a diverse range of services, including drafting tools, social collaboration and “a legal AI platform that marks up legal agreements on an automated basis”.

Legal technology is here to stay and with this innovative project, Allen & Overy is not only embracing this development, it is looking to spearhead it. With a heavy emphasis on using tech to resolve real problems, early reports suggest high levels of customer satisfaction. Many attribute this to the project’s“unfettered partner input” and a multidisciplinary approach to embracing the changes that result from the digital revolution.

Report written by Mark P

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